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Marcus Alexander, PhD
Scientist in the Human Nature Lab directed by Nicholas A. Christakis at the Yale Institute for Network Science.

Aspiring MD/PhD physician-scientist, studying medicine at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine.

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Human Nature Lab
Yale Institute for Network Science
17 Hillhouse Ave
New Haven, CT 06514
Phone: (415) 658 - 5692
Twitter: @mqdicer

07 Teaching

Yale University

Workshops organized and led in 2016-2020 included:
  • Statistical Models and Estimation, Human Nature Lab Training Short Course, Yale University, Spring 2020;
  • Machine Learning Study Group, Yale Institute for Network Science workshop, Spring, 2019 (with Laura Forastiere and Naving Kumar);
  • Modeling and Estimating Social Networks, Yale Institue for Network Science workshop, Spring, 2018 (with Laura Forastiere);
  • HADOOP for Big Data Science, Workshop at Yale Institute for Networks Science, Summer, 2016;
  • Python for Genomic Data Science, Research methods mini-course at Yale Institute for Network Science, Summer, 2016.

Stanford University

Courses taught as a TA in 2010-2011 included:
  • BIOS 257: HIV: Research, Treatment and Public Policy, Spring, 2011 (Co-designed and served as a Teaching Assistant for a new upper-level medical school seminar course, which was the only course on HIV/AIDS at Stanford University School of Medicine); 
  • POLISCI 101: Introduction to International Relations, Stanford University, Fall, 2010;
  • MCAT Prep Course for Examckrakers at Stanford, Spring, 2010 (Instructor);
  • BIOL 45s: Biochemistry, Stanford University, Summer, 2010.

Harvard University

Concentration Advisor and Research Fellow in Government
Courses taught as a TA in 2005-2008 included:
  • SOC 190: Life and Death in the USA: Medicine and Disease in Social Context;
  • GOV 20: Introduction to Comparative Politics;
  • GOV 97a: Constitutional Democracy in America;
  • GOV 97b: Introduction to International Relations and Comparative Politics;
  • GOV 98r: Contemporary Politics of the Middle East (Designed and co-led the course as one of the two instructors);
  • GOV 99: Senior Thesis Research Workshop;
  • PAL128: Leadership core required course in the Kennedy School of Government MPA and MPPA programs.