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Marcus Alexander, PhD
Scientist in the Human Nature Lab directed by Nicholas A. Christakis at the Yale Institute for Network Science.

Aspiring MD/PhD physician-scientist, studying medicine at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine.

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Human Nature Lab
Yale Institute for Network Science
17 Hillhouse Ave
New Haven, CT 06514
Phone: (415) 658 - 5692
Twitter: @mqdicer

02 Research

Brain Tumor Genomcis

Single-cell RNA-Seq identifies 7 distinct cell types across 20 adult GBM tumors (Data from Neftel, 2019) 

Single-cell transcriptiome of glioma stem cells
Luis F. Parada (PI)
A study of single-cell RNA-Seq in order to identify gene signature of glioblastoma cancer stem cell, and identify potential new targets for therapy.

Single-cell multiomic profile of pituitary adenomas
Prashant Chittiboina (PI)
A study of epigenomics of pituitary adenomas and normal pituitary cells to identify transcriptional regulation mechanisms responsible for pathogenesis of spontaneous pituitary adenomas.

Differentially activated metabolic pathways across different tumors (Data form TCGA)

Metabolic pathways of low grade gliomas
Jack Goodman (collaborator)
We use metabolic pathway reactivity scores from transcriptiome sequencing data to identify low grade glioma tumors associated with prolonged patient survival.

Metablic pathway classification of tumors and prognosis of survival
Jack Goodman (collaborator)
We use survival modeling based on differential metabolic pathway activation to offer novel classificaiton system for tumors across all tissue types and use metabolic classification of tumors to identify patients with prolonged survival.